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Adjusting Service

When you need adjusting service specialists, you can count on Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair in Salt Lake City. As a leading auto body shop and collision repair experts, we are Licensed Public Adjusters who work unbiased as vehicle damage appraisers and inspectors. We specialize in the area of vehicle diminished value, total loss assessments, and post collision repair inspections.

Public Adjuster Vs. Independent Adjuster

As a Licensed Public Adjuster, the team at Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair works only for your best interest. We would not represent the insurance company’s interest. Insurance companies have many auto body shops working for them, and those collision repair shops are obligated to follow the wishes of the insurance companies. Not your wishes. To protect your best interest in repairing your vehicle after an accident, you need to have an educated Licensed Public Adjuster on your team. 

An Independent Adjuster can be contracted to work for any insurance company. The insurance company will hire the Independent Adjuster as a contractor who is trained on how to write their assessment by the insurance company’s standards. The insurance company will ask the Independent Adjuster to look at the damaged property and give an evaluation of the loss. It is safe to assume that Independent Adjusters are not unbiased in their assessments. 

Our Area of Specialty?

We have grown up in the auto body industry, working on all aspects. This is why we are the ideal adjusting service specialists. From restoration, refinishing to production collision repair, Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair is a team of experts trained in adjusting services. We have seen nearly every situation in the claims side of the auto body industry, including the legal side (small claims and district court). Our family operates a thriving and very consumer-friendly collision repair business that specializes in high-quality repairs. 

Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair is one of the only shops in Salt Lake City, Utah, that offers adjusting services. We help the consumer get the proper repairs itemized, invoiced, and reimbursed. Most auto body shops will work directly from the insurance estimate giving a less-than-accurate, less-than-proper, and less-than-deserved quality. Without the proper reimbursements, consumers’ vehicles risk having repairs completed that do not follow the proper procedures outlined in the repair manual by the vehicle manufacturer. Taking shortcuts like this leads to failed repairs and Increased Diminished Value of your vehicle.

Two Key Terms You Should Know As An Informed Car Owner: 

Our Fees
All Visual Inspections are $75 (which may be reimbursed if additional services are contracted).

Home Repairs
At this time, Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair does not offer home adjusting services in the Salt Lake City region. However, we do have a recommendation if you request one.

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