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Is Your Vehicle Ready For Ski Season?


The weather is changing. Can you feel it? The cool, crisp air. The growing desire for pumpkin pie and apple cider. The constant watching of the weather channel to determine when the mountains will have fresh powder so we can go skiing!

But is your vehicle ready for ski season? Here are five things your vehicle needs to prepare for wintertime driving.

Tires and chains.

When you love to ski, you’re keeping a close eye on the weather. To catch the freshest powder on the slopes, you need to make sure your vehicle’s tires are in good shape and you have tire chains at the ready. Otherwise, your car may go on its own unplanned off-road ski adventure, and ending up in a ditch is no fun, is it?


Antifreeze is your vehicle’s protector and friend during the winter season. Make sure your vehicle has the right type and amount of antifreeze so you avoid any issues while traveling to the slopes.

An emergency kit that includes a shovel, blanket, water, food, and flares.

It’s always smart to be prepared. After all, you don’t want to be the one survival story that makes it on the news channels, do you? Pack extra food & water, blankets, a shovel or two, and some safety flares just in case. We often find that when we expect the unexpected and we’re prepared, we can handle a lot of challenges with a well-stocked emergency kit.

Test your battery.

When you dangle a bunch of mobile devices off your car battery, it can drain quickly. That’s why it’s so important to test and inspect your battery. Otherwise, you may have a difficult time starting your car. Be safe and allow the Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair team inspect your battery.

ADAS/Advanced Driver Assistance System inspection.

This safety tip is extremely important. When you have a self-driving, or driver-assist vehicle, it is imperative that you regularly have the vehicle inspected. Why? Because if the network or cameras and sensors are off by just a little bit, your risk of collision increases every day. At Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair, we know that the foundation to a well-operating ADAS system starts with a precision wheel alignment. Once that step is complete, it’ll be easy to tell if the cameras and sensors on your vehicle are all lined up with your computer network.

Schedule an appointment at Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair for preventive maintenance and a Ski Season inspection. You’ll be glad you did!


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