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Safe Driving Tips For Young Drivers

Photo by Tarutoa on Unsplash

Schools will be starting up again very soon and traffic will start becoming more congested during the school months. For new drivers, the feel of independence when driving your own vehicle to school is exhilarating! 

However, driving comes with great responsibility when you consider the safety of yourself, your passengers, and those outside of your car as you maneuver through Salt Lake City. That is why we have compiled a list of safe driving tips for young drivers to keep in mind as they become more experienced.

Use your turn signals. -- We know how easy it is to get lazy about using your turn signals. However, the people driving behind you appreciate when you use them. Turn signals help lower the risk of collisions, so use them every time you change lanes, make a turn onto a street, or when you’re about to take a parking space in a crowded parking lot. Use your turn signals.

Don’t tailgate. -- We understand you may be in a hurry, but riding up on someone’s back bumper is asking for trouble. If you drive too closely to the vehicle in front of you, you run the risk of a fender bender. But here’s something else to consider when you’re feeling confident in your ability to stop quickly… The car in front of you may stop suddenly because of something you cannot see, and you could hurt yourself, the people inside that car, plus whatever is in front of that stopped car (like an elderly pedestrian or a family’s dog). Don’t tailgate.

Look at them to see if they’re looking at you. -- If you are at a four-way stop and you have cars and pedestrians wanting to cross the intersection, you would be wise to make as much eye contact as possible with those drivers and pedestrians around you. Why? Because a distracted driver or pedestrian may not see you there and you could collide. Look at them to see if they’re looking at you.

Check your mirrors and turn your head. -- You’ll need to consult your mirrors to see what’s next to you and behind you. Too often people neglect turning their head to check for blind spots or look to see what’s behind them. Yes, backup cameras are great if you have them, but not every vehicle is equipped with one. It’s smarter and safer to check your mirrors and turn your head before changing lanes or making a turn.

Don’t text and drive. -- You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Too many tragedies happen due to distracted driving. For your safety, and for those who are at risk of colliding with your vehicle (like pedestrians, light poles, trees, animals, other cars, etc.) keep your eyes on the road at all times. It’s hard enough to drive without being distracted by your fast food meal, your passengers, when the sun is so bright it blinds you, heavy rains, and anything else going on outside of your car that could take your eyes off the road for a short while. Simply put, don’t text and drive.

We hope you take these driving safety tips to heart every time you operate your vehicle. If, however, you do get into a traffic accident, Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair is here to assist you. We can repair almost everything, including a variety of work fleets to personal vehicles. When your insurance company asks which auto body shop you prefer, you have the choice to tell them who you want to work with:  Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair in Salt Lake City. We will do our best to take the stress out of a challenging situation and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment today! You’ll be glad you did. 


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