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Top Things You Might Not Know About Auto Insurance

How well do you know and understand your auto insurance policy? Unless you are a property and casualty insurance agent, you may only have a cursory knowledge of what your insurance covers. Because we deal with auto insurance claims here all the time at Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair in Salt Lake City, we have put together a few helpful items to pay attention to when dealing with auto insurance.

Does your policy cover rental cars? A lot of auto insurance holders assume that their policy includes the convenience of a rental car while their personal vehicle is in the auto body shop for repairs. That is not always the case. Your car insurance policy may offer a rental car for a specific deductible, or for a designated time limit. When enrolling in a car insurance policy, pay attention to this small detail so you aren’t frustrated later on.

What choices do you have when your vehicle needs auto body repair? A lot of people assume that they must go to the auto body shop referred by the insurance company for repairs. But that is not true. You have the right to choose the auto body shop you want, and no one will force you to do otherwise. When you contact your insurance company to make your accident claim, they will ask you to seek out estimates. You have the right to choose any auto body shop you think is best, most convenient, has the best service, etc. The choice is yours, and that’s a good thing.

How do insurance companies make the decisions on what gets repaired? Insurance companies offer to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. However, it is not their job to restore it so well that it looks like you just bought it off the showroom floor. That is why when a vehicle is examined for a claim, the insurance estimator’s job is to assess only what was damaged in the accident. For example, if your vehicle was in an accident on the right front quarter panel, and you ask them to fix a dent on the left side passenger door, they have the right not to repair that dent because it was unlikely a result of the accident. To be fair, a lot of people are not completely honest when reporting what happened to their vehicles, so the insurance companies reserve the right to reject the accident claim. As it should always be when reporting an accident, honesty is the best policy and it helps make for a smoother repair process.

Can the auto body shop fix more than what the insurance company will allow? If your insurance company only agrees upon what is covered on the claim, that is the limit of what the insurance company will pay. If we find, for example, that there is more damage from the accident then was seen upon initial inspection, we add an addendum; requesting the insurance company cover that as well. However, they do not always agree that the extra damage was a result of the accident and may reject that addendum. If you wish to fix it, and also repair those two unrelated door dings, you are welcome to pay for the extra repairs out of your own pocket. You are always at liberty to pay above and beyond what the insurance company will pay if you want extra bodywork performed. However, it is not fair to expect that the auto body shop will do the extra work for you for free when they are not being compensated by you or by the insurance company. It’s only fair to pay for the work that is ordered and approved of.

Can my lawyer recommend an auto body shop? Yes, your lawyer is able to recommend reputable auto body shops. At Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair, we know several accident attorneys who recommend our auto body team to their clients. Why do they recommend us? They know that we have a long history of earning 5-star reviews, we have the customer’s best interest in mind, and that we go the extra mile while still being affordable. Our family-owned business has been serving the Salt Lake City area for generations and we are proud of our solid reputation among attorneys, business owners, neighbors, friends, and family.

When your vehicle requires minor or major auto body repair, we invite you to try Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair. We can repair almost everything, including a variety of work fleets to personal vehicles. When your insurance company asks which auto body shop you prefer, you have the choice to tell them who you want to work with:  Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair in Salt Lake City. We will do our best to take the stress out of a challenging situation and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment today! You’ll be glad you did.


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