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Sixty to zero is just as important as zero to sixty, and maybe even more important. Get your brakes replaced as needed, before you hear squealing or the sound of metal on metal. Brake pads are the simplest brake repair we do and typically cost around $50 per wheel.

That being said, often there is much more required to remove some of the symptoms of faulty, worn out brakes systems. If your vehicle has the shakes when you apply the brakes this is often a common symptom of failing rotors. As vehicle weight decreases to meet the café standards set by the federal government, vehicle body parts including the rotors will be trimmed to reduce weight. This is great for fuel economy, but not on your brakes.

Come in and get your brakes diagnosed and replaced. Typically, we see brakes needing rotors and pads costing around $240 per axle. Prices are generic and should only be used to get you in a range of cost. Actual cost will be billed on the invoice.  Give us a call or request an appointment today!

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Disk Brakes Roto Problems:

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