Diminished Value Services

We'll get your vehicle appraised quickly so you'll know your vehicle's value and your options.

Is there really a diminished value to your vehicle after an accident?

The answer is, absolutely YES, but you will have a hard time convincing the insurance they owe you for the diminished value.

We can help you process a diminished value claim (Typically for 3rd Party Claimants). If the accident is not your fault we can help you get reimbursed money to help offset the lost value of your claim. YES, Every time the insurance repairs your vehicle it is worth less money. This is due to the information systems they use to help document repairs. They will send your vehicle information to sources such as Carfax and others to list what extent your damages were.

How does this hurt you?

Future owners will be able verify the crash history based upon your Vehicle Identification Number. Many factors influence the amount of Diminished Value including the parts that were chosen to repair the vehicle, the shop that repairs the vehicle, and the overall condition of the vehicle (including age of the vehicle).