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Why Choose Go Auto?


We fight hard to get you authentic OEM parts that Diminish Value and increase safety.

First off, if you’re looking for cheap, we likely are not a good fit for you or your vehicle. In fact, our body shop has one goal and that is to provide our customer with the best customer service and repairs by completing repairs following the Vehicle Manufacturers procedures, and that is worth money in the bank.

Ever since the law suit Seebachan v John Eagle Collision Center (a State Farm Preferred Repair Facility), YOU are liable for repairs done to any vehicle even if you sell the vehicle with the “As-Is” Clause. This is a big deal for all vehicle owners (past and present) are now responsible for the way the vehicle is repaired and only an Original Equipment Manufacturer procedure accomplishes this goal.

Go Auto Body Repair understands your liability and wants to make the repair process as simple as it can go. Sometimes the insurance and their adjusters do not feel the same. We try to advise them how the vehicle is to be repaired (remember… they are not repair professionals, but are claims mitigation specialist: meaning they are good at telling you how they only owe for what they feel they should pay) We try very hard to minimize the out of pocket expense that the consumer has, but the insurance will often only want to pay for substandard repairs. They try to tell all of us it is an “Industry Standard”… We call that “Insurance Standard”. Our team has come to the conclusion that it does not matter what the insurance says or does towards your claim. The insurance is not a repair professional and they have a separate agenda on every claim they deal with, and that is to minimize the severity, deny that they owe, delay answers or repairs, and defend why they have denied or delayed. They will most always only approve the Cheapest – Dirtiest – Despicable repairs possible if they can get away with it. They have no guilt giving you an estimate listing only the most basic of labor and materials needed to repair your vehicle. . NOT ALL REPAIR SHOPS ARE CREATED EQUAL, and this is where Go Auto Body is different.

Go Auto Body Repair knows the insurance games. We can help you get the proper repair with the parts that your vehicle manufacturer request but it does require you as the consumer to understand our process and for the short term you may be required to come out of pocket (note this is short term, as we will happily help you process documents for claims courts if needed).

Listed is what you may need to do to get reimbursed properly for your repairs and to limit future diminished value to your loss:

If you want to use a proper repair using the parts and labors the Vehicle Manufacturer recommends:

  • We are the shop for you.
  • Chances are you have received a very low estimate from the beginning from the insurance. Don’t stress this is only an estimate and does not reflect the actual cost, final reimbursements of the repair, or even the actual repair processes that will be used to repair your vehicle.
  • Realize that low reimbursement is the #1 issue in the repair process. The insurance has internal policies that limit what they are willing to pay. Note the key word: Willing. When pushed they will pay for you to receive the repairs recommended and required by your Vehicle Manufacturer.
  • Rule #1 stop phone conversations with the insurance and request Email documentation. They will try to break your trust in us as your repair professional. Yes, Go Auto Body Repair is the repair professional.
  • Trust in our process. Our staff does want to produce the highest quality repair but getting the proper reimbursement is critical to every repair.
  • Be willing to open suit against the at-fault drive and/or your insurance. The insurance wants what is best for them, and when you’re spending their money, they don’t play by the rules, and their regulating agency (State Attorney General) is usually unwilling/unable to regulate them fairly.
  • Yes, Diminished Value is real, and we can help you collect.
  • Be aware the insurance representatives are full of lies and scare tactics. They are only tactics and are not real. You have the right to a proper repair and not just a warrantied repair. Even sub-par goods have warranties, we want to warranty the very best repair, knowing your family deserves the best.
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