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Post Repair Inspections

Warning - Warning - Warning
We are not lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and as such, we have no credibility in those areas of business. Any advice given by Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair for post-repair inspections is only based on our experiences and is not intended or to be used as legal or financial advice. If you understand that Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair is an adjusting firm with specialized skills in the Collision Repair Industry, you are ready to read on.

What is a Post Repair Inspection?

A Post Repair Inspection (PRI) is an inspection or evaluation made by someone other than the person or company who performed the repairs. It is a competent and experienced professional with years of experience in vehicle repairs. Our goal is to verify the quality and safety of collision repairs and to make sure the vehicle is returned to its Pre-loss condition.

Why should you have Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair complete a Post Repair Inspection when another shop repaired your vehicle? 

As experts in the collision repair industry, we know the processes and procedures required to repair vehicles properly. Sadly, we have learned that around 90% of repairs are done incorrectly. This is often due to two main reasons: 

The first reason is the cash pay customer may be looking for a good deal. Unfortunately, this is the detriment to shops and future vehicle owners. Remember, not all repairs are created equal (even if auto body repair shops say they are going to do a fantastic repair). 

The second reason is Insurance companies want to reimburse for the cheapest repairs they can get away with. They are often successful at convincing vehicle owners that the insurance is the repair professional and not the shop. They often portray the shops as the overpriced villain. If asked, nearly every shop would tell you that the insurance tells them how to repair vehicles and what the shop can charge or bill. Shops may become punished or “blacklisted” if the Auto Body Shop won’t do what insurance companies tell them to do. Therefore, there is a high failure in quality repairs in our industry. Think about it. Is the insurance company a repair professional or just an Indemnity company (they pay losses to make YOU whole financially). 

You must understand the insurance has chosen to make you whole by REIMBURSING for the loss and NOT repairing the vehicle themselves. If the insurance repaired the vehicle or chose the repair facility and did not allow you to pick the shop, they would be equally liable for repair quality.

What is the cost of a Visual Inspection at Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair?

A Visual Inspection at our auto body shop is a $75 Value. If we find a reason to go deeper with our Post Repair Inspection, we do charge a fee for our services and will contract to disassemble the vehicle to find and diagnose the damages caused by or left behind by the prior repairs. This Post Repair Inspection process has many working parts, including:

    • Public Adjusting Services
    • Assisting with At-Fault repair shops
    • Assisting with Responsible 3rd Party Payers
    • Getting your vehicle with a “competent” repair facility
    • Ensuring the Repairs are within OEM Specifications
    • Making sure you have the right legal counsel on your side
    • Courtroom Appearance

Call Go Auto Body & Automotive Repair in Salt Lake City today to schedule your Visual Inspection.

We can service dealers, businesses, and private customers with a personal vehicle. Our rates are well worth the small cost to have the report completed. We also offer Diminished Value Reports, Visual Inspection, Total Loss ACV Report and Courtroom Appearance as an expert witness. You deserve to be made financially whole. 

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